Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ceding Freedom: US sovereignty, global warming, and B.O.'s red team

I was made aware of this video by Christopher Monckton In it, he speaks of an upcoming international treaty signing that, according to him, would force the US (and thus US citizens) to pay third world and developing countries for US' emissions, and cede US sovereignty vis-a-vis other treaty clauses.

The US Consitution has a clause which states that international treaties made on behalf of the US are in part the law of the land. Subsequent Supreme Court decisions have ruled that "there is nothing in the Constitution which intimates that treaties and laws enacted pursuant to it do not have to comply with the provisions of the Constitution". Nevertheless, the treaty apparently may be signed in December by B.O. putting the US on the hook to pay other countries for US emissions. We don't seem to get much in return aside from lost sovereignty, but it warrants some further attention.

It raises the question of motives for a more tyrannical subset of global warming advocates who desire a communist world government. It accelerates the need to understand the problem better. I doubt many really understand it, yet we're possibly going to be paying for it bitterly. Monckton is one to say that global warming is a hoax .

I'm analytical and a scientist, yet I personally haven't been able to figure out the global warming issue to date myself. I know that politicians don't understand it. Which means theirs is a political motive. This is supported by brave scientists who dare to buck the overly-politicized environment such as the case with people who want to not acknowledge the Medieval Warm Period .

If what Monckton claims about the treaty is correct, and if B.O. signs the treaty on America's behalf, then we'll have yet more confirmation that B.O.'s motives are communistic.

Between his policies to date, public statements, and the "czars", people, and organizations with whom he's surrounded himself in the White House that have either socialist, communist, Marxist, or Maoist sympathies, the "red" flags are plentiful at this point. See Van Jones , Anita Dunn , Mark Lloyd , Cass Sunstein , Robert McChesney and the Free Press , Ron Bloom , ACORN , SEIU ...these are people and organizations with whom B.O. has surrounded himself and confers.

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